Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Already on the field?

Dang! I am really bad at trying to keep up with this blog! I'M SORRY!!! Oh well, I think you guys will like what I have to share. For the past two months my band has been working on our show, which by the way is pretty damn good! This is the "old" version of our show, it doesn't include the AMAZING drum break...but that's because we technically didn't have the percussion part till about 3 weeks ago! Anyway this is most of the show music. (( just press play ))

But since last Monday we've officially made it through the opener of our show and started putting music to it as well! Mike, one of the great guys that comes and helps out our band video taped us on our first music & marching rehearsal. We stop earlier however and don't finish the complete opener. HOWEVER, he filmed us yesterday when we did complete the full opener...he just has to upload the footage! But without further adieu, this is part of my marching show for 2013.

The Millard West Wildcat Marching Band is proud to present....

"Imagine If..."

P.S :: You guys REALLY need to comment on this and send in your own video's of your Marching Band! I'm desperate to see all of your guys' incredible shows!

~ Band Geek ♫♪♫