Monday, September 1, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, the last season has begun!

Hello Hello! Guys I am a horrible blogger, and will freely admit it! But nonetheless lets get started with some awesomeness of the new (and last) season!

Yes it's true, this is my last marching season for I am a Senior. God, that's actually really scary, I'm a Senior now. Just a little insight to what is currently happening...I'm shuddering from horror that I'm in charge. Anyway school started August 11 for us, but as this is a band blog it truly started back on June 8th. At least with my band we start the second week of Summer Vacation. Of course we didn't actually start learning our charts till Band Camp, but we did get our music memorized and everything before that! Next week we have our first Home Football Game/Performance, then on Saturday we leave for Rosemont MN, a BOA competition. Fun stuff right!? WRONG! We still have yet to learn the ending to our show, charts 59-72 I believe. Ugh! Shuddering again! Anyway here's a little peek into our show. It's only the ending, but by September 18th I should have the actual performance of well humans. You'll understand when you watch the video!

MW 14 Part 3 :

So what do you think!? Oh and just so you know, when the show hits 2:10 it's still not up to tempo. The tempo its playing at is actually 170, and it needs to be around 196. Scary stuff right? Plus from 1:54-1:58 on our charts it say "DO NOT MISS-WILL GET INJURED IF YOU MISS". All of our reactions were pretty much this.

 Haha! Get my point? Anyway sorry for not posting in forever, and I'll give you my little "I'm going to do better" schpeel later!
P.S. This video was created for the end of the year review for our band. Check it out! Some of these people took amazing photos!
~ Band Geek ♫♪♫