Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moved in.

Hey guys! Yup as my title says, I moved into my new house which is very helpful. This is cause, I now can practice my instruments freely! When I was staying with my Guardians house, their children (even though they are my age I'm still calling them children) would yell and scream and wouldn't shut up even if I tried to practice. Now I can!!! I just have to move a few more boxes to get to my music stand. Ha ha!

Oh also on this Monday, we got our chair placements. FIRST CHAIR WIND ENSEMBLE!!!!! Ha ha! I wish, but no that isn't what I got. I got Fourth Chair Symphonic Band. And hey, I'm okay with that too. Cause you know what, I know that I am not the best instrumentalist, and it gives me room to improve and get better for next year. Just think of it that way, and you'll personally do better.

Plus here's some of my pictures from NSBA (or formally known as State). :) Hope you like them!

20 days left!

~Band Geek
P.S: Can you find me in these pictures???
Full Band
Frontline Funny Picture
Frontline Section Picture
Trumpet Section Picture
Trumpet Funny Picture

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marching Season is over... :'(

*sniff sniff* Yup it's true, Marching Band Season is over now for my band... *sniff sniff*. There isn't anything I can do.....EXCEPT!!!! Continue Marching cause of my parade in PHI&NYC! I'm oober excited to go on this trip (and I better be, I paid a good $2000 for it!), but it could actually get canceled. At the moment the parade route which I am supposed to march is being totally coverd with tons and tons of rain because of the hurricane. Trust me I'm not a fan of this hurricane at the moment. GAHHH!!! Oh well, from what my band directors are putting me through, we will still be going.

Oh and that brings me to say this...Marching in this band gets worse and worse every year (totally saying this in a sarcastic tone!). On my last rehearsal day, it was raining like no other! Plus the temperature evened out around freezing and below. So since it's supposed to be brutally cold in PHI and it's going to be natural for us to get wet, the band directors thought it would be a good practice run. Of course earlier Mr. Keith told us that we were going to be inside all day (knowing me, I didn't get that memo and brought all my warm things). So we were outside and some of our band members were REALLY not smart! Ha ha! Even though Marching band is over, it does not mean you get to clear your locker out of your coats, hats, and gloves! Ha ha!

Anyway, our true competiting marching band season is over, but we will be practicing on our parade performance! Lets just hope we don't have to march in the freezing rain again! LoL! But I should go, I've got an end of the season party with the band!

~Band Geek


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love in the Band?

Hey guys! So in my opinion this is a little ironic. One of my readers sent me a private message asking about if it would be "okay" to date/fall in love with someone in the band. To me this is ironic cause I just had a little encounter with an Ex in the band.

Anyway to answer your question. Of course it's okay to date someone in the band! That relationship may be so sustainable that you could end up dating all the way through the end of high school! Like my two friends Matt & Lexi (or as we call them, Lovebird 1 and Lovebird 2). The only awkward thing about dating a person in the band is that you see them constantly, so if you guys ever break up it could get kind of odd. Pretty much like what is going on with me and a Trombone player at the moment! (Just some advice here girls, NEVER date a Trombone matter how nice they seem, DONT DATE THEM!). So yeah, that pretty much sums it up, and if you are ever in that awkward break up relationship...well then. Just try your best to stay away from that person/section as much as possible. And if you are in their section...well it may be time to learn a new instrument. Ha ha! But always be true to yourself, and date whoever YOU want to date. Again if it gets awkward just talk it out, see what is really going on between the two of you, you never know it could be something more than what you expected.

Anyway I need to go, I have testing tomorrow, and I haven't even picked up the books! LoL! Wish me luck!

~Band Geek

P.S: If I haven't mentioned this before in an earlier post, I'm gonna mention it now. My band is performing in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade this Thanksgiving. I'll totally tell you guys how it goes (possibly at the end of the trip or even during it!). But I'm gonna start the cont down now, till the day I leave on the air plane (4:30 am gahhh!).


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guess where we placed in State?

Hello all Band Geeks out there! So the NSBA State Competition was last night, and I think we did amazing! That isn't my ego talking there, I can promise you that. We actually did amazing! We got Third Place in the State, which is a huge thing! But what really mattered to us band members, is that our Band Director Mr. Keith, was BALLING when we were marching off the field. How many times to you ever get to see your Band Director Balling with tears over flowing his cheeks when your done with a performance? Thats right, about every other "Blue Moon". When he did come over to talk to us, his eyes where so red and puffy from all the crying and he was mumbling all his words about how proud he was of us for doing so well. Of course after that all of us (yes even the dudes...hey your a real man if you cry) were crying just as much as Mr. Keith was. It definitely was a sight to see.

But then we had to get our pictures taken. So for most people they did the full band serious & funny face picture then they did the same for the sectional pictures. Since this year I was in TWO different sections I had to not only take the full band pictures but also my regular section picture (you try and guess what secton I am in), and then quickly get over to the next section picture. He was right about to click the camera picture button until I started waving my hands like a maniac saying "WAIT!!! I'M COMING!!!". Again, another great sight to see.

But State is a huge thing for us band members. If you've ever competed in a State competition then you know that it is a HUGE deal to do your absolute best! And I'll be posting the video of my show on here soon enough, once I can find it on youtube...LOL!

And as always,
~Band Geek

P.S. Here's just a little thing for my old band members. This is about their Marching Band, and how their Drum Major has well had a line of Drum Major's before him! Check out this site and read all about it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sick during Band.

Hello from my comfy bed, band geeks. Tonight I was at a band rehearsal (because State is this Saturday), and well it's raining cats and dogs, plus there are very high winds, and the high temperature at the moment is 30 degrees. Fun right? Well yeah, so Mr. Keith (my Band Director) and Mr. Bogatz (my other Band Director) decided that we would be rehearsing inside tonight. Of course I was prepared for the weather outside, not the heat inside.

Anyway, earlier in the day I was laying in bed with a major headache (yes we had school off it's fall break for us). And I still decided to go to the rehearsal, but one problem was I hadn't eaten till about oh.... twenty minuets before I had to leave to go to the school. So yeah to continue, we practiced inside and I'm in all of my hoodies, gloves, hats, pants, and socks. Of course I could remove my hoodies, gloves, and hat, but not so much my only shirt on (thick under armor) and my sweat pants (very thick sweat pants).

So we started marching basics and I started to get really hot and felt extremely light headed. So I sat down and drank some cold water. After about five minuets of sitting and drinking water, I got back up to do more basics....including the dreaded jazz running. That's when I just couldn't take it anymore. I ended up having to fast walk down to the bathroom to literally throw up my dinner (oh what a pleasant sight it was...). I was pale, clammy, and sweaty and I just wanted to go home. So I called my mother and I am now home typing up this blog before I lay down to go and sleep.

But of course before I left, I had to put away my instrument and go through the front line rehearsal. Since I'm a front line member as well this year everyone was like "Oh are you coming to join us now"? And I had to let them down by saying... "Nope, I threw up". After I said that, almost every front line member came up to me and gave me a hug. And I said, "You did hear me right? I said I Threw up. You may not want to be this close to me". I guess no one cared cause they were still hugging me. It definitely made me feel special. But in all conclusion, if you ever wear too many layers to something when the weather is bad, just make sure underneath it all your wearing shorts and a t-shirt just in case you get too warm.

~Band Geek

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey guys! Oh my gosh, I'm really sorry for not being on here and talking to ya'll! Gah, just have to love band right? Well, I guess you do if you read these blogs. Ha ha! But anyway I thought I would go through what my band has won so far.
Wildcat Classic: Exhibition performance (score of 75.9)
Bellevue East Competition: 1st place, Superior rating, Best Color Guard, Best GE, Best Overall Performance, Best Music, Best Drum Majors (score of 84.3)
Columbus Competition: 1st place, Superior rating, Best Color Guard, Best Overall Performance, Best Music, Best GE (score of 96.6....we think they scored us too high!)
Sioux City Festival of Bands: 4th place, Superior rating, Best Drum Majors (score of 86.7)
OMI: 1st place, Superior rating, Best Overall Performance, Best Music, Best GE (score of 88.9)
NSBA: Will occur this Saturday at Buell Field.

As you can see overall this seasons competition ratings I think we have done a great job...don't you? Why don't you guys write in the comments below on how you think/or how you did at your competitions this season! We would all love to know! Also just to get this straight, during the Sioux City Festival of Bands competition...the only reason we got fourth from what we know is because we were going up against some of the hardest bands in the Mid-West. And trust me, the Mid-West has the highest standards of these Marching Bands. But still I think we did a great job at the competition, but the best part was the four hour bus ride there and us singing to Mulans "I'll make a man out of you". Ha ha! We have oh so much fun! Again let us band geeks know on what you guys do on the long bus rides to your competition, are they crazy, silent (I dearly hope not!), like a chorous, or do you guys sing your show? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always,
~Band Geek

P.S here's a picture of our awards so far.... there are 21 in total (plaques and trophies)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mondays with Mike!

Ha ha! Hey everyone! And yes I know it is Wednesday and my title says "Monday's with Mike", but you'll hear about that later. Anyway, I really don't have a huge story for you guys today. You see I was sick with strep on Tuesday, and I wasn't feeling all to well on Monday so I didn't exactly pay attention to that either...oops! But this week we have a huge competition, and it's in Sioux Falls, SD. Woohoo! A three and a half hour drive there and a three and a half hour drive back, all in the charter buses. Us band kids should survive, shall we not? Ha ha! But yeah it's supposed to be a really tough competition with awesome bands competing against us too. I'm not exactly worried about us, but I'm still gonna act like a child and cross my fingers, toes, eyes, and well what ever else can be crossed when they announce the winners!

Oh and now back to my title. As it says so promptly above, "Monday's with Mike!". It's a set time where Mike (a marching helper) comes in and goes over basics with us as well as some parts in the show that need work. And of course I've never been to one of them, but I have seen the L-Team's youtube videos. Which I will be posting right about................................................................................
.................................................................................................................................................NOW!!!!!!! (NEW ONE!!!)

(You all need to just watch these cause they are just funnily stupid, and yes funnily is now officially a word!)

~Band Geek