Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marching Season is over... :'(

*sniff sniff* Yup it's true, Marching Band Season is over now for my band... *sniff sniff*. There isn't anything I can do.....EXCEPT!!!! Continue Marching cause of my parade in PHI&NYC! I'm oober excited to go on this trip (and I better be, I paid a good $2000 for it!), but it could actually get canceled. At the moment the parade route which I am supposed to march is being totally coverd with tons and tons of rain because of the hurricane. Trust me I'm not a fan of this hurricane at the moment. GAHHH!!! Oh well, from what my band directors are putting me through, we will still be going.

Oh and that brings me to say this...Marching in this band gets worse and worse every year (totally saying this in a sarcastic tone!). On my last rehearsal day, it was raining like no other! Plus the temperature evened out around freezing and below. So since it's supposed to be brutally cold in PHI and it's going to be natural for us to get wet, the band directors thought it would be a good practice run. Of course earlier Mr. Keith told us that we were going to be inside all day (knowing me, I didn't get that memo and brought all my warm things). So we were outside and some of our band members were REALLY not smart! Ha ha! Even though Marching band is over, it does not mean you get to clear your locker out of your coats, hats, and gloves! Ha ha!

Anyway, our true competiting marching band season is over, but we will be practicing on our parade performance! Lets just hope we don't have to march in the freezing rain again! LoL! But I should go, I've got an end of the season party with the band!

~Band Geek


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