Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guess where we placed in State?

Hello all Band Geeks out there! So the NSBA State Competition was last night, and I think we did amazing! That isn't my ego talking there, I can promise you that. We actually did amazing! We got Third Place in the State, which is a huge thing! But what really mattered to us band members, is that our Band Director Mr. Keith, was BALLING when we were marching off the field. How many times to you ever get to see your Band Director Balling with tears over flowing his cheeks when your done with a performance? Thats right, about every other "Blue Moon". When he did come over to talk to us, his eyes where so red and puffy from all the crying and he was mumbling all his words about how proud he was of us for doing so well. Of course after that all of us (yes even the dudes...hey your a real man if you cry) were crying just as much as Mr. Keith was. It definitely was a sight to see.

But then we had to get our pictures taken. So for most people they did the full band serious & funny face picture then they did the same for the sectional pictures. Since this year I was in TWO different sections I had to not only take the full band pictures but also my regular section picture (you try and guess what secton I am in), and then quickly get over to the next section picture. He was right about to click the camera picture button until I started waving my hands like a maniac saying "WAIT!!! I'M COMING!!!". Again, another great sight to see.

But State is a huge thing for us band members. If you've ever competed in a State competition then you know that it is a HUGE deal to do your absolute best! And I'll be posting the video of my show on here soon enough, once I can find it on youtube...LOL!

And as always,
~Band Geek

P.S. Here's just a little thing for my old band members. This is about their Marching Band, and how their Drum Major has well had a line of Drum Major's before him! Check out this site and read all about it!

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