Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sick during Band.

Hello from my comfy bed, band geeks. Tonight I was at a band rehearsal (because State is this Saturday), and well it's raining cats and dogs, plus there are very high winds, and the high temperature at the moment is 30 degrees. Fun right? Well yeah, so Mr. Keith (my Band Director) and Mr. Bogatz (my other Band Director) decided that we would be rehearsing inside tonight. Of course I was prepared for the weather outside, not the heat inside.

Anyway, earlier in the day I was laying in bed with a major headache (yes we had school off it's fall break for us). And I still decided to go to the rehearsal, but one problem was I hadn't eaten till about oh.... twenty minuets before I had to leave to go to the school. So yeah to continue, we practiced inside and I'm in all of my hoodies, gloves, hats, pants, and socks. Of course I could remove my hoodies, gloves, and hat, but not so much my only shirt on (thick under armor) and my sweat pants (very thick sweat pants).

So we started marching basics and I started to get really hot and felt extremely light headed. So I sat down and drank some cold water. After about five minuets of sitting and drinking water, I got back up to do more basics....including the dreaded jazz running. That's when I just couldn't take it anymore. I ended up having to fast walk down to the bathroom to literally throw up my dinner (oh what a pleasant sight it was...). I was pale, clammy, and sweaty and I just wanted to go home. So I called my mother and I am now home typing up this blog before I lay down to go and sleep.

But of course before I left, I had to put away my instrument and go through the front line rehearsal. Since I'm a front line member as well this year everyone was like "Oh are you coming to join us now"? And I had to let them down by saying... "Nope, I threw up". After I said that, almost every front line member came up to me and gave me a hug. And I said, "You did hear me right? I said I Threw up. You may not want to be this close to me". I guess no one cared cause they were still hugging me. It definitely made me feel special. But in all conclusion, if you ever wear too many layers to something when the weather is bad, just make sure underneath it all your wearing shorts and a t-shirt just in case you get too warm.

~Band Geek

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