Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love in the Band?

Hey guys! So in my opinion this is a little ironic. One of my readers sent me a private message asking about if it would be "okay" to date/fall in love with someone in the band. To me this is ironic cause I just had a little encounter with an Ex in the band.

Anyway to answer your question. Of course it's okay to date someone in the band! That relationship may be so sustainable that you could end up dating all the way through the end of high school! Like my two friends Matt & Lexi (or as we call them, Lovebird 1 and Lovebird 2). The only awkward thing about dating a person in the band is that you see them constantly, so if you guys ever break up it could get kind of odd. Pretty much like what is going on with me and a Trombone player at the moment! (Just some advice here girls, NEVER date a Trombone matter how nice they seem, DONT DATE THEM!). So yeah, that pretty much sums it up, and if you are ever in that awkward break up relationship...well then. Just try your best to stay away from that person/section as much as possible. And if you are in their section...well it may be time to learn a new instrument. Ha ha! But always be true to yourself, and date whoever YOU want to date. Again if it gets awkward just talk it out, see what is really going on between the two of you, you never know it could be something more than what you expected.

Anyway I need to go, I have testing tomorrow, and I haven't even picked up the books! LoL! Wish me luck!

~Band Geek

P.S: If I haven't mentioned this before in an earlier post, I'm gonna mention it now. My band is performing in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade this Thanksgiving. I'll totally tell you guys how it goes (possibly at the end of the trip or even during it!). But I'm gonna start the cont down now, till the day I leave on the air plane (4:30 am gahhh!).



  1. I'm dating one of our low brass members (: I'd say it's totally fine! Expecially since we've been together for 3+ years

    Also... he's a trombone player!

    1. Not, bad. However the low brass players and I just don't seem to get along when it comes down to dating. Guess thats just me. xD