Monday, January 28, 2013

Wait a minute....

So now that I think about it, I don't actually believe I posted this video up on here yet...kind of depressing right! Ugh oh well, anyway this video contains somewhat the rest of my trip pictures and the well the marching year in review for me. Have fun watching!!!

~Band Geek

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marching a sport?

Whats new guys? Well for me it's the debate of making Marching Band a P.E class in my school district. We've tried this before, and they've declined saying we weren't doing enough to make it a P.E we proved them wrong this time. During my marching season this year, we ran laps around the track before we started rehearsal for EVERY rehearsal. Also we marched long periods of time, and worked for many hours, days, weeks, and months. The normal P.E class here is an hour and a half long, so if you add that together in the total for the week it adds up to about 450 minuets. As for the band, it's again an hour and a half class period....but thats not counting the rest of our rehearsals.
-Class (1 1/2 hrs) *5 days  -Rehearsal (2 1/2 hrs) *4 days  -Sectionals (30 min.) *5 days.
In total it rounds up to around 1,200 mineuts of marching, excersizing, and playing music. TAKE THAT SCHOOL BOARD!

Now tell me if you think your school should turn Marching into a sport!?!

~Band Geek

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm on top of the world!
I'm on top of the world, and so are you. Know this was a part of our Season's Marching DVD that we all got. It's our band's song, cause it inspire's you...doesn't it? Anyway I hope it becomes your new favorite song as well.

Anything knew with ya'll? Well for me, I've got pit try-outs this coming Monday and Tuesday. I'm trying out for not only my band instrument (which I've mentioned before), but I'm also trying out on my orchestral string instrument. Only thing that I'm worried about is that I have to know all of my Major scales (double octave), a Full Range Chromatic, and the musical piece all by memory. So wish me luck on these day's! And if you have a pit-orchestra at your school, I fully recommend that you try-out! It may not be harder than mine, and maybe it's like 1,000 times harder...but it's still worth trying out. It's a great expierence and a great thing too put on your resume for college. Anyway I have to's late here, so good night band geeks!

~Band Geek

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Operation Band Prank

Okay so have you ever truly gotten reconigtion for all the hard work you put into creating a show, and performing at every sports event? Not many bands do...and some of them go the extra mile to tell their school that the opression needs to end and that Music needs to be welcomed just as much as sports. But than there are those pranks that us band kids do just for the fun of it.
{Operation Band Prank (Final Coutdown)- DramaAtBrennan}
{Strath Haven Senior Band Prank 2004- ak112358} Skip to 1:28
{Bringing the Marching Band to My Girlfriend's House- FlowdogRecords}
{Elevator marching band prank on the set of House- clickbb1}
{Personal Marching Band- JustForLaughsTV}

I know, some of these arn't the best sounding. But hey, it's a prank they arn't supposed to sound beautiful, they're supposed to be funny!

~Band Geek

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Disney Scores.

Have you ever truly listened to a Disney Movie Score? If not, well you're truly missing out. Disney hired the best of the best to create his scores and nothing can compare. Take the "Bear Necessities" from the "Jungle Book". It's got the best Jazz music in it, just close your eyes and imagine the old band setting. Plus it isn't just jazz, Walt used of course a normal orchestra to create background music for the movies, but again...really amazing music. Now take some time out of your not so busy day and just look up some Original Disney scores, you wont be disapointed.

KEEP ON PLAYING Music Lovers!!!
~Band Geek

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Break is over.

Well hello, have we met? Of course we have! Just not in forever, that is of course my fault! Anyway, Today was my last day of Winter break, and it is so depressing to see it go...I DON'T WAN'T TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Well, okay let me rephrase....I don't mind going back for first block (that's band and orchestra for me), the rest of the day however I do not wan't to be there for! But, oh well....we're minors, we have to follow what the ELDERLY (he he) say.

So how was your guy's Winter breaks? How was the holiday season for ya'll? For me, it wen't really well! I got my Band Photographs from not only this year, but also last year. Since they never sent them to us last year...ha ha! And before my family opened presents on Christmas, my little brother and myself performed three songs by surprise for our parents. He played his violin to the song of "Oh Christmas Tree", I played on my violin (yes I am a violinist as well....) "Deck the halls", then he took out his bell set and I took out my trumpet and we played "We wish you a merry Christmas" together. Oddly it brought my mother to tears. But you know what, it was cute and it was sort of a present to them.

But, I should probably go, cause school starts at 8:00am tomorrow, and I am exhausted from boot camp today (intensive workout program that I'm being forced to do, to get me in shape for marching season....wonderful).

~Band Geek

P.S: This has a lot of my photos from my trip go check it out...and here are just a few pictures I found on FB.