Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm on top of the world!
I'm on top of the world, and so are you. Know this was a part of our Season's Marching DVD that we all got. It's our band's song, cause it inspire's you...doesn't it? Anyway I hope it becomes your new favorite song as well.

Anything knew with ya'll? Well for me, I've got pit try-outs this coming Monday and Tuesday. I'm trying out for not only my band instrument (which I've mentioned before), but I'm also trying out on my orchestral string instrument. Only thing that I'm worried about is that I have to know all of my Major scales (double octave), a Full Range Chromatic, and the musical piece all by memory. So wish me luck on these day's! And if you have a pit-orchestra at your school, I fully recommend that you try-out! It may not be harder than mine, and maybe it's like 1,000 times harder...but it's still worth trying out. It's a great expierence and a great thing too put on your resume for college. Anyway I have to's late here, so good night band geeks!

~Band Geek

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