Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marching a sport?

Whats new guys? Well for me it's the debate of making Marching Band a P.E class in my school district. We've tried this before, and they've declined saying we weren't doing enough to make it a P.E we proved them wrong this time. During my marching season this year, we ran laps around the track before we started rehearsal for EVERY rehearsal. Also we marched long periods of time, and worked for many hours, days, weeks, and months. The normal P.E class here is an hour and a half long, so if you add that together in the total for the week it adds up to about 450 minuets. As for the band, it's again an hour and a half class period....but thats not counting the rest of our rehearsals.
-Class (1 1/2 hrs) *5 days  -Rehearsal (2 1/2 hrs) *4 days  -Sectionals (30 min.) *5 days.
In total it rounds up to around 1,200 mineuts of marching, excersizing, and playing music. TAKE THAT SCHOOL BOARD!

Now tell me if you think your school should turn Marching into a sport!?!

~Band Geek


  1. I think you should definitely be able to be exempt from gym if you do a physical activity, which marching band is DEFINITELY included in.

    1. Exactly! Thank you!! Geez, now I wish our school board would think like you.