Sunday, January 6, 2013

Operation Band Prank

Okay so have you ever truly gotten reconigtion for all the hard work you put into creating a show, and performing at every sports event? Not many bands do...and some of them go the extra mile to tell their school that the opression needs to end and that Music needs to be welcomed just as much as sports. But than there are those pranks that us band kids do just for the fun of it.
{Operation Band Prank (Final Coutdown)- DramaAtBrennan}
{Strath Haven Senior Band Prank 2004- ak112358} Skip to 1:28
{Bringing the Marching Band to My Girlfriend's House- FlowdogRecords}
{Elevator marching band prank on the set of House- clickbb1}
{Personal Marching Band- JustForLaughsTV}

I know, some of these arn't the best sounding. But hey, it's a prank they arn't supposed to sound beautiful, they're supposed to be funny!

~Band Geek

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  1. The last one is hilarious. I would totally get some of my friends to do that with me.