Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moved in.

Hey guys! Yup as my title says, I moved into my new house which is very helpful. This is cause, I now can practice my instruments freely! When I was staying with my Guardians house, their children (even though they are my age I'm still calling them children) would yell and scream and wouldn't shut up even if I tried to practice. Now I can!!! I just have to move a few more boxes to get to my music stand. Ha ha!

Oh also on this Monday, we got our chair placements. FIRST CHAIR WIND ENSEMBLE!!!!! Ha ha! I wish, but no that isn't what I got. I got Fourth Chair Symphonic Band. And hey, I'm okay with that too. Cause you know what, I know that I am not the best instrumentalist, and it gives me room to improve and get better for next year. Just think of it that way, and you'll personally do better.

Plus here's some of my pictures from NSBA (or formally known as State). :) Hope you like them!

20 days left!

~Band Geek
P.S: Can you find me in these pictures???
Full Band
Frontline Funny Picture
Frontline Section Picture
Trumpet Section Picture
Trumpet Funny Picture

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