Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happiness is the Key to life...

Hey music fans! Oh my gosh I haven't written in FOREVER and it is my fault along with bands...haha! Anyway I have so much to tell you all!

Band season started awhile back for my band and I. Our first competition was in Chicago IL, and wow! We were performing with five B.O.A bands / Bands of America Champions! It was nuts!! And God weren't they amazing! Anyway that competition consisted of prelims and finals. We made 3rd place in our division and also made it to finals. Ten bands only moved on to finals (28 in total), after all of those performances we won 7th place overall, and you know what...I am totally loving that score! Because the Bands of America bands placed in the first five (what a coincidence) which left only one other spot ahead of us! Pretty dang good I must say!

Okay so after Chicago we hosted our own competition, the Wildcat Classic. Great work was shown there and well a very painful sunburn later on for me! Anyway Bellevue East one first, so congrats to them. Moving on, we then traveled to Bellevue East's competition and performed. We won 1st in prelims as well as finals, and took home all captions! Wonderful job to our band plus the others! I personally attended the prelims performance. After that well I had an attack. Pretty much what happened was, was that I had received (unwillingly) a severe pain throughout my upper stomach and back. Ugly crying was shown as well as my not so pretty painful face. And to keep in good health Mr. Keith sent me home on his orders so I did not compete that for finals. Just cheered for them from a distance!

Well after the "threats" to not have me on the field and all because of my pain I finally got results back of what was causing it, and well I have Gallstones. Uncommon to Teens and young adults, but yeah I'm a "special one" apparently. Lol! However I can continue the marching season so long as I don't have an attack on the pray for me not to!

Okay okay okay, getting on with this EXTREMELY long post. I just returned from our most recent competition in Sioux Falls South Dakota's Festival of Bands. We attended the competition last year and received 4th place as well as Best Drum Majors. This year was a completely different story! For our prelims performance we blew away the crowd and judges! When it came time for awards we were placed first in our division, and ahead of the band who normally wins everything. And so we made finals and performed once again, blowing away the crowd even more with how much emotion we had packed into our show! That and we just wanted to keep moving cause it was FREZING (40 degree's plus snow!)!!! Anyway after our performance we watched Marshall (the band that wasn't to happy with us) and our host bands (the hosts performed in exhibition). All were really good but I was to nervous about where we would place! So then comes the listing of placements. They got all the way up to fourth place then stopped to announce caption awards. We won three out of the five given. Best Color Guard, Best Horn Line, & Best Drum Majors. Anyway they continued and well Marshall won fourth place (this is the band that normally wins EVERYTHING!), so they kept going and announced our band as First Place!!! First Place!!!!! We were estatic and Mr. Keith plus Mr. Bogatz were in tears! It wasn't even state and they were in tears! It was great and all of us were so proud! God, it was a great show. Now you here comes where you guys get to watch attentively to our show. I want to know what you guys think and what you all believe the message spreads!

(that was a long paragraph!) Anyway it is late and well time for me to get some "shut-eye" because I have early morning rehearsal tomorrow! Love you all and enjoy the show! (you'll love it when we die!)

~ Band Geek ♫♪♫

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