Monday, April 15, 2013

Carry On!

Wow... January 28 was my last post to you guys! I feel so lazy now, so go ahead spam the comments yelling at me for not being on top of my business. At the very least it lets me know that somebody is reading my blog.

Oh well, now to give you the "low-down" on what I've been up to. I just finished my Orchestra Concert last week! A lot of fun, but still extremely long. Maybe before the next concert we should try getting Mrs. Ritchie to keep the song list at a maximum three song requirement per group. Ha! But we had an amazing solo violinist named Nadia who performed the Violin Concerto perfectly! By the end of the 12 minute song people were in tears and she got a well deserved standing ovation. So good for you Nadia!

Band wise, we finished scale tests and are preparing for our concert in two weeks. We have some very moving songs that we're performing. "I am" is a song that a music director wrote for one of his students. The student had a warm heart from what the director said, and always came with a smile across her face. However after she passed from a car accident he wrote this song, trying to depict the actual accident with "Words of Music". In my honest opinion he did a miraculous job in doing so. But that is only one of four songs we're performing! Then comes the Wind Ensemble and Freshmen Band. So it will be a great time.

Now I have to get ready for boot camp (stupid workout session I do with my family) so as always...

~ Band Geek

P.S - So even though I can't sing to save my life I want to give this bit for my school's show choir. They made it Fame (in Chicago) and drove the 9 hour drive to get there. However some of my best friends are in this car ride, and got really bored and decided to make a home video. Their goal is to make this video VIRAL and get on the talk-show ELLEN. So help them out by 'Liking' their video and leaving an awesome comment!

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