Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Band?

Hmm new band indeed good sir! And I am not at all happy about it. My band as you previously saw in other posts is a traditional band, one that holds music and it's musicians above any recordings and set designs. And I don't mean to be rude if your band does that, however I think that Marching band is meant for the students and the music they play...not the previously recorded quotes and odd backgrounds.

But this year we are changing it up a bit. We are going from traditional to BOA (more theatrical). We were able to listen to our music arrangement and it sounds awesome! I love it, however we've got the recorded quotes playing and we will be having back drops and I just don't know how much I will actually like it.

However, just for you I'll be giving an inside look. The show itself is called "Imagine if..." it's based off of the school shootings including Columbine, Millard South, and Sandy Hook. Yes it is a really depressing subject to be creating a Marching Band show off of, but it's touching in it's own manner. To make it "heartfelt" as Mr. Keith and Mr. Bogatz keep describing it our songs include those from John Lennon, Coldplay, a song from Batman Begins, and Inception. So like I said, I am excited for the musical arrangement of the show just not entirely the show itself.
( just without the singing... xD)

And as always...
~Band Geek

P.S: So even though I can't sing to save my life I want to give this bit for my school's show choir. They made it Fame (in Chicago) and drove the 9 hour drive to get there. However some of my best friends are in this car ride, and got really bored and decided to make a home video. Their goal is to make this video VIRAL and get on the talk-show ELLEN. So help them out by 'Liking' their video and leaving an awesome comment!

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