Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What a week!

Wow guys, it's been a crazy week since my trip! Got to see cool sights and hear awesome street music. But it's all in the past now, we are all back to normal schedule and still trying to get caught up with our homework assingments. It's just been pretty nuts. Anyway in my "What's new band geeks?" post I asked ya'll some interesting questions, and finally I have gotten to over 30 replies back (sadly all private) so I won't be posting names or ID's or even answers...but it was still so cool to get your replies! And as promised I will post my answers to the questions here for ya'll to see!

1. Millard West Wildcat Marching Band
2. (For marching season) Trumpet and Crab Rack. My Trumpets name is Lyra and I didn't name the Crab Rack.
3. I practice all of my scales and different kinds lip slurs.
4. My Trumpet section is the only one to have a party every weekend. My Crab Rack buddy and I had a wicked handshake that we did before we pushed our cart onto the field for performance.
5. Wheat. :D
6. Noisy, Singful, Talk-ative, and Movie Watchers.
7. Hey Mr. Keith! How's it going Bogatz number one!
8. Yup, Philadelphia/New York City, Sioux City South Dakota, Orange City Iowa.
9. I forgot to pack my Triangle for the football game that night. Worst part was, that was the opening instrument for the show!
10. At least 20 different bands throughout NE, SD, WA, and IA.

Now you know my answers, I expect even more the next time I put out a questionare! :)

~Band Geek

P.S I added a few more pictures from our trip on here!

Mike photobombed our picture! (Mike is a Assistant Marching Director with our band. He marched Santa Clara Vangard).

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