Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm back!

Hey guys! Wow, Philly and New York City was a blast! I can assure you that we had the best of time there. I've got tons of pictures to show you guys, and just a ton of info to let out!

First of all, here was my room for the trip.
Second of all this was the bands full picture before we went out to perform in the Philadelphia parade.
Third of all here was the video of our band performing incase you weren't able to see it on Thanksgiving.
And since the sound cut out on us....(really ticked off our families back home) I found the audio to it as well....just the video is pretty crappy.
Fourth of all I found another really awesome video of one of my Band Directors, his Wife, my friends and I dancing to "Cupid Shuffle" with the Salvation Army band members.
Fifth of all, geez I'm dragging this on.... :P

Sixth of all I'm sorry I wasn't able to put anything on the blog while I was away but I had no internet, and no offense to ya'll but I wasn't going to use my 3G on my Iphone to post up a blog. :)
Anyway now you've seen my room mates, my band performing, my Band Director dancing, and a few more pictures coming up about.....NOW!

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