Friday, November 9, 2012

Pep Band, or Cheerleaders?

Heyo guys! Guess where I was at all day? Yup in Grand Island, NE (or as we put it, the middle of NO WHERE!). Anyway we were there for a pep band gig for the State Volleyball competition. And well we had to leave the school around oh....the nice and early 5 FREAKING AM!!! Yup...5am people's, try having to do that, and on a Friday too!

Gahh anyway, when we were in the first quarter or whatever of the game, none of the students that came (which all of us band kids new just came to get out of school) would cheer for the volleyball players or even bother to look up from their food/phones. So us band kids took it upon ourselves to not only cheer for our team, put to say cheers, and to also play! Oh and just so you know this too, we had a group of cheerleaders (not varsity) there and they just stood around doing nothing, no cheers, no peppy spirit....just stood there. GRR!!! But yeah these are the two cheers we screamed the most...

"GO BIG GREEN!" -tied to the Nebraska Cornhusker cheer "GO BIG RED!".            &
"Hey all you Wildcat fans,
lemme see you clap your hands!
Now that you got the beat,
lemme see you stomp your feet!
Now that you got the grove,
lemme see your body move
*dance* Arugah, Ah, Ah, Arugah, Ah, Ah,
That's it!
*stop abruptly*" -used mostly from the band members during competitions, but also used during some football games from the Wildcat Crazies.

So yeah, it's been a pretty fun day. And it gets better too! I have a trumpet party tonight in about 30 min, that I get to go yeah! Oh and just so you know, we wont burn anything down, but there are no promises about breaking something "accidently"!

~Band Geek


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