Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The talk.

THE TALK! It has arrived and been answered! Of course, your all probably thinking about the "birds and the bee's" talk, and I'm talking about the non band member saying that marching band isn't all that hard. So first of all stop thinking of the birds and the bee's and FOCUS! Here is the story of third block, where a junior thought he could tell me that marching band wasn't that hard.

It was the middle of third block and our teacher was in the back reading a book, while the rest of us were supposed to be watching a video. I took out my parade music and started to tap the beat lightly on the table. Jarrod, the junior who sat next to me for that class glanced over and asked what I was doing. I replied with a "memorizing music". He scoffed and kinda did the eye roll towards my general direction. He said to me "What for marching band? You've got to be kidding me. You're taking extra time to work on something that is as simple as breathing?" I raised my eye brows in his direction and replied with a "As simple as breathing, huh. Alright Jarrod, lets see if this is easy for you. Tap the rythm on the desk." I pushed the sheet music pages towards him and waited for him to start. He kinda stared at the sheet music blankly like (of course) he was reading an alien language. He pushed it back saying, so what it's easy enough and so is all that walking you do on the field during half time". I bit my cheeks after that sassy remark. "If it's "so easy" lets see you do it. I'll give you my charts now, you study them through the next block, then meet me out on the practice field after school". School ended and I waited five minuets at the practice field and scoffed when I saw him actually walking towards me. "So you decided to prove me wrong"? He nodded and kept looking at the charts then back at me. I motioned towards the field and walked onto the 50 yard line. "You're first Buck-o". I stepped off and watched/laughed my butt off, while I watched a kid who knew nothing about music try to march. So in the end, if you ever hear someone tell you that Marching Band or just band in general is easy, take them to the field and have them march. Then we'll see who's boss!

The End,
Band Geek.

What....? You guys didn't realize that was totally made up? Ha ha! I'm kidding, a lot of it was made up yes, but the point of it wasn't. Some kid in my third block class (his name isn't Jarrod) told me that band/marching band wasn't hard, and I proved him wrong. Just make sure when you prove them wrong, not to totally go all Band Camp on them! Ha ha! So yeah, I have to go anyway though guys, meeting tonight for a totally different subject than band (for once!).

~Band Geek


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