Monday, August 6, 2012


Earth to all band geeks! Hey guys it's your band geek here with another awesome band topic. So as my title says "Congrats!" well it's for one of my friends Lizzie. She has been accepted into the Macy's Day's Parade to perform a color gaurd number. Isn't that cool! And for a fundraiser she's selling these car decals for $7 (picture below). So again, congrats to you Lizzie, I know all of us will be watching your performance!

Random Question!!!!

If you were able to play a totally different instrument than what you play now, what would you play?

Put your answers down in the comments below! Again, thanks for reading this blog and being apart of music. The world also thanks you for that too!

~Band Geek

                                                               (here's the car decal)

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