Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lovely Read Through.

Hey everyone, it's your friendly Band Geek here to post yet another thing about band! So the one thing coming up for me this week is the Read Through. This is where we pretty much read through the music. Interesting no? So from what I've been told, we read through our show and go through some of our pep band/bleacher feature songs. It should be good cause then we get a feeling for the music before we start marching.

But I found our performance on youtube and it's called "Dance Mix". Our performance consists of the following songs. We found love- Rihanna, On the floor- Jennifer Lopez, Where have you been- Rihanna (again), and Americano- Lady Gaga. Not a bad set of songs I must say. So here's the link for you to click on and enjoy our show. Now why haven't you clicked on it yet!?!

Anyway, I should probably stop blogging and pick up my instrument to practice. I've kinda lost my touch. Ha ha! See ya tomorrow Band Geeks!


~Band Geek

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