Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Practice doesn't always make perfection.

So I'm very happy at the moment! And the reason for my happiness is because I finally hit my D sharp. And it wasn't your "hit and fail" note, I actually held on to that sucker! Ha ha! I know you guys probably don't care, but to me this is huge! And everyone gets that feeling when they finally hit a note that they haven't been able to hit before. You just get that rush of excitement and accpomplishment. So if you haven't hit a note that you've been trying to get for awhile now, well take this advice and use your scales. Go up an octave, you'd be surprised at what you will be able to achieve after just practicing your scales. SO DO IT! Like right now! Stop reading this blog and get to it!


~Band Geek

P.S. When your parents or teachers say "practice makes perfect" they would be lying. Practicing doesn't always make you perfect, it just improves your skills.

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