Friday, August 10, 2012

Done with Mini Band Camp.

Hello geeks of the world! How are you all doing this fine day? Ha ha! Anyway, sorry for not having a post up yesterday. First of all I was at "Mini Band Camp" from 9-12. Not very long I know, but thats why it's called MINI! So yeah, I was there learning all the commands and burning the heck out of my arms and legs. Surprisingly though, my face is still white. : )

So I finished the "Mini Band Camp" and got home and realized I really stank. Stupid sweating. I also realized that I had only about 2 hours to get ready. Before I went with my friends to the DCI Big, Loud, and Live show at our local theater. I was forgetting almost everything before I headed out the door. Tipical me.

So we go to the theater and we sat in our seats, and waited. 20 mineuts pass, and we're still waiting. 15 more mineuts pass, and we're still waiting. We thought it was that they couldn't get any reception, but it was taking a little long for them to get it connected. When it FINALLY came on, my friend and I were always at the edge of our seats to see the rest of the show. THEN THE STORM HIT!!!!! And we lost connection again. But it wasn't just us this time! Aparently all 600+ theaters connections to the show were lost, because of a major storm in Indianapolis. Thankfully, when they AGAIN connected back to the show, the guys talking said they'd show us the cores that we had missed.

In the end it was a very late night, but with some Awesome marching! That about covers the past two days for me. Thanks for reading this blog, YOU'RE AWESOME!

~Band Geek


  1. Ah that was soo awesome!!!! I still cant belive that storm. My favorite(as you know) Was the cadets' show this year. Still cant beleive blue devils won

    1. I would agree! That storm was pretty messed up! And I did really like the Cadet's show this year as well... but as usual I'm still a Blue Devils fan! :D

      ~Band Geek