Saturday, August 4, 2012


Bonjour les geeks de la bande! And if you have absolutely no idea how to speak french, it means Hello Band Geeks! Ha ha! So I decided to go outside for a little bit and read a book. Well I got bored, so I tried to sleep, again I got bored. So the one last thing I could think of to do outside that was interesting to me was to march.

Yup, I practiced marching for about two hours actually. Pretty fun way to spend a summer day I must say. Who else agrees? Ha ha! Anyway, I had my brother and his friend randomly shouting out commands for me to do. Now the sad part is...these were my old commands. Yeah I know, I should really be practicing my new ones but that's no fun! That requires learning during summer. You don't learn during summer (exception for music theory)! It just isn't right for us to learn! So yeah, good day...and now I'm all sun burnt. Great....


~Band Geek

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