Thursday, August 23, 2012

Loving the airport!

Hey guys! Well as you all know I'm moving to Nebraska, and at the moment I am waiting for my plane to Nebraska to get in. It's taking FOREVER!!!! I mean I flew out of Seattle and into Salt lake city. Now all I am doing is waiting for four hours till my plane to Nebraska leaves. Oh so much fun, am I right? Ha ha! Anyway other than just on my blog and rereading my music, life's been pretty slow.

Oh and two days ago my dad shipped out my instruments to Nebraska...I had a pathetically long and soppy goodbye moment with them. I know that just has "Band Geek" written all over it! But then again, I am a band geek. And if your reading this blog than you should be too. Anyway, about the band stuff now. Nebraska band is having one of their rehearsals TONIGHT, and of course Keith wants me there. I am freaking exhausted!! Don't get me wrong I want to be there and march and play and stuff like that, but when I've been up since 4:30 am and at the airport All freaking day. Don't ask me to do anything but sleep.

So since there is absolutely nothing to do, I should go and people watch (stalker watch). Ha ha! Just kidding! I'm no band geek stalker! Oh well, I'll talk to ya'll later!
~Band Geek

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